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Welcome Reflex Energy Healing to A Balanced Body Massage & Spa 

Ilona Havrilla

Ilona loves natures and she is very passionate about health.  She is a Certified Energy Healer, a Reiki Master, she studied in Laura Norman’s Reflexology School which included feet, hand, face and ear reflexology. Ilona practices other modalities:  AromaTouch, Face Rejuvenation, ReflexEnergy Healing, Vibrational Healing with a Tibetan Singing Bowl.  You can combine any of her modalities.  The most popular one she calls ReflexEnergy Healing. This is a combination of energy healing and reflexology. Vibrational healing can be included as well.

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Ilona's Services

Reflexology (Foot, Hand, Face)

Reiki/Energy Healing

Facial Rejuvenation

Aroma Touch

Vibrational Healing with a Tibetan Singing Bowl

Reflex Energy Healing

For detailed information about each service please visit or contact me directly at (860) 604-3885.


If you would like to book an appointment please contact me directly through my website or phone.

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